What Is Friendly Atheist?

For more than a decade, I've been writing about atheism, religion, and politics at FriendlyAtheist.com, which is on the Patheos network. The site publishes several items every day, hosts a team of excellent contributors, and receives millions of pageviews each month. It has been cited in multiple books and media reports and takes up 98% of my waking life.

What Is This Newsletter?

I write a lot of articles every day, but I recognize that not everyone is able to keep up with the firehose of information that is the news. This newsletter is a way to give you the highlights in a fun, quick, readable format.

This newsletter arrives straight into your email. One a week is free; the rest are behind a paywall. Your support allows me to keep writing posts and offering commentary from an atheist perspective.

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Who Are You?

Hemant Mehta is the founder and editor of FriendlyAtheist.com, an author, a YouTuber, and podcast co-host. He is a former National Board Certified math teacher from the suburbs of Chicago. He has appeared on CNN and FOX News and served on the board of directors for Foundation Beyond Belief and the Secular Student Alliance.

Who Are the Subscribers?

You! And you!

The Friendly Atheist newsletter is published once a week (for now).

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All payments are made and processed in dollars ($). Emails are sent once a week, usually on Fridays. If there are any questions or concerns, please email Mpromptu@gmail.com. Cancellations will be taken care of immediately (though you can cancel your subscription on your own). Refunds will only be processed if I am unable to fulfill my obligations here. Your email address and data will not be used for any other offers or services.

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Hemant Mehta 
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