Goodbye to Madison Cawthorn, an open door for Satan in Haven (Kansas), a hateful letter to a gay "friend," and more!
Yes, we're still doing this.
Canada punts on prayer, non-sincerely held religious beliefs, the pastors shocked by MAGA cultism, and more!
The Roe bombshell, a horrible Christian response to assault, an actual religious schism, and more!
Banning the Bible, a proselytizing football coach, a new last name for me, and more!
Christians on a plane, “performative nonsense,” Canadians' least favorite religion, and more!
Kenneth Copeland’s COVID lies, a new Congressional Freethought Caucus member, a Christian official bragging about breaking the law, and more!
Yes, we're still doing this.
An outrageous blasphemy ruling, an old school prayer case riles up Republicans, an incredible speech from an atheist lawmaker, and more!
A successful Pledge protest, Charles Darwin’s sugar daddy, the failure of “religious objections," and more!
Ketanji Brown Jackson, the IRS, Hillsong scandals, and more!
Yes, we're still doing this.